Our Board of Directors is made up of Volunteers who give of their time. To contact one of the Members please call 630-797-4603

Executive Committee

Dave Grooms


Dan Zedan

Council Commissioner

Joe Wiltrout

Scout Executive / CEO

Carl Blackham

Past President

Val R. Bitton

Past President

Sterling Sullivan

Past President

Rich Hall-Reppen


Keith A. Miller

Vice President - Administration

Dave VanBuren

Vice President - Audit Committee

Clint Anderson

Vice President - Development/Finance

Jay Herzog

Vice President - District Operations

Patrick Kronenwetter

Assistant Vice President - District Operations

Mark McSweeney

Assistant Vice President - District Operations

David George

Vice President - Marketing

Robert Werderich

Past President - Membership

Brian Kilmer

Vice President - Program

Dave Nelson

Vice President - Properties

Steve Odlin

Vice President - Technology

Jasper B. Sanfilippo

Vice President - Member-at-Large

Charles Wentworth

Vice President - Member-at-Large

Jeff Zavoral

Vice President - Member-at-Large

Executive Board

  Jim Bartelson - Member of the Board

  Mark Boyle - Member of the Board

  Jim Burner, Jr - Member of the Board

  Blake Christopher - Member of the Board

  Kathy Countryman - Member of the Board

  James Dombek - Member of the Board

  Joseph W. Dragoo - Member of the Board

  Marc Drummond - Member of the Board

  Michael Murschel - Member of the Board

  Robert C Parker - Member of the Board

  Mark Quinn - Member of the Board

  Dennis P. Wowra - Member of the Board

  Vacant - Chanonee District Chair

  Anna Touhy - Foxfire District Chair

  Harry Stout - Fox Valley District Chair

Troy Fleener - Great Bear District Chair

  Jeff Gross - Indian Prairie District Chair

  Vacant - Kishwaukee District Chair

  Gary Golinski - Maramech Hill District Chair

  John Binneboese - Northern Trail District Chair

  Vacant - Potawatomi Trail District Chair

  Vacant - Thunderbird District Chair