Popcorn Sales

Welcome to Popcorn Central. The Three Fires Council annual popcorn sale is the largest fundraiser of the Scouting year. The success of our Popcorn campaign helps to deliver quality programming at every level of Scouting. In fact, Three Fires Council has one of the most successful Popcorn programs in all of Scouting. Last year, we raised over $1.1 M for our Scouts through your efforts. Thank YOU for making time in your busy schedules to support our Popcorn program.

Folks in your communities can't wait for Popcorn season! Many of your customers come back year after year to try new products, reconnect with their favorites and purchase gifts of popcorn for their friends, family and co-workers. We've put together a ton of information to help you run a successful Popcorn campaign. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun out there!

Ron Wentzell, Staff Adviser


Thank you all for your efforts to make a successful popcorn sale. Please find the distribution information you have been looking for. We will be posting a link for the times to arrive for your popcorn.

Final Distribution - November 17th
Demar Logistics
320 Fullerton Ave.
Carol Stream, IL 60188


Pickup Times by District:


From North Ave (Rt. 64): Turn North on Gary Ave. Turn right on to Fullerton Ave. Look for Popcorn Signs.
From Army Trail Road: Turn South on Gary Ave.; Turn Left onto Fullerton Ave

Single Scout orders are scheduled for 8:00 a.m.

Kishwaukee Distribution - Friday, November 16th;

All units can show up between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.
No schedule needed.

Ideal Industries
1101 Park Avenue
Sycamore 60178

Directions: (enter by the bay doors off of Borden)
Take Rt. 64 West to Rt. 23-Go Straight to Somonak St.-Go Left (S) to Orchard Lane - Turn Right (W) to Park Ave- Turn Left

Popcorn Prize Troubleshooting

Broken or defective Popcorn Prizes:

If you have a problem with a defective prize, please contact Keller Marketing directly at:

Tel: 888-351-8000 or
Fax: 800-773-5000

From Keller, "When communicating with us via e-mail, please include your Council, District, Unit Number, and Phone Number. This will help us in answering your questions more rapidly." Prize Program Customer Service

Missing Prizes:

If you are missing a prize, please contact us here at Three Fires Council.

2018 Camp Card Sale

The early registration has ended, we are taking names for the waitlist Here!


  • The New 2018 Camp Card Tri Fold is designed to help youth fund their way to Camp programs.
  • Improvements to this year’s program help Scouts earn their way to Camp, go to Philmont, or other activities. Units can also support program or supply needs.
  • The Camp Card Tri-Fold will have 10 immediate discounts for nationally recognized retailers and services vs. only 4 on the previous camp card!
  • Additionally, each card will come with an access code giving the owner an on-line membership and digital app for Saversguide Entertainment – including over 200,000 local offers throughout North America.
  • Each Camp Card will sell for only $10.00, earning double the returns from previous camp card campaigns!
  • The participating unit and/or individual youth will keep 50% commission of the sales for each Camp Card sold!
  • Commissions from the sales are encouraged to be applied toward directly sending youth to Summer Camp programs, but they may be used as the unit committee sees fit


Participating in the Camp Card allows each Scout to directly fund their way to various Camp programs

*Note — Program costs and sales per youth are close approximations.
Program Cost Sales per Youth (in cards)
Cub Scout Day/Twilight Camp $145 = 29 Cards per youth to sell
Webelos Camp $185 = 37 Cards per youth to sell
Boy Scout Summer Camp $285 = 57 Cards per youth to sell
National High Adventure Bases $800 = 160 Cards per youth to sell


*Note — The initial order for ALL Camp Card Tri Folds will be based on the number of cards that are pre-ordered by units. Only a slight surplus will be ordered to handle additional sales.
**Note — Units keep commissions and only turn in unsold cards & money due council
November Camp Card Promotion and Unit Pre-Order & Sign-up begin
December 15 Camp Card Promotion and Unit Pre-Order & Sign-up Finalized *
November/December/January Camp Card Promotions at Roundtable Meetings
January Camp Cards Distributed at RT and/or Scout Retail Stores
January 27 Camp Card Sale Begins
April 14 Camp Card Sale Ends
April 27 Units turn in money, unsold Camp Cards, and top sellers **
May 15 Commission drops to 35% commission ($6.50 TFC, $3.50 Unit)
May 31 Commission drops to 25% commission ($7.50 TFC, $2.50 Unit)
June 15 New this year: Units are billed $7.50 for each remaining card not turned in before May 31. After that, no returns on cards will be taken. The unit owns the cards at that time.

For more information see our Camp Cards Packet

Camp Card Waitlist