Cub Hiking Program Hiking Program for Cub Scouts

So why did your son want to join Scouting? He wanted to do out-of-door stuff, hike, camp, & explore the out-of-doors!

One of the easiest and FUN ways to get your Scouts out, is to start a hiking program in your pack.

This program is presented as a “Hiking Club”, where miles are tracked; at 50 miles they receive the 50 mile patch and their hiking stick. Scouts receive additional recognition as miles accumulate.

The Benefits:

1) Very outdoor oriented (Council surveys have indicated that one of the key items our Scouts want is more camping and outdoor activities).
2) Helps ready Scout for Boy Scouts. By their Webelos year, they are very comfortable in outdoor situations.
3) Recruitment. The hiking stick is a very positive incentive for new Scouts.
4) Increases participation in the Pack. Scouts look forward to earning their hiking stick, feathers, etc.
5) Miles transfer to Boy Scouts.
6) Easy to reinforce buddy system along trail, walks to outhouse, etc.
7) Numerous opportunities to draw in Scouting requirements and lessons.