The Silver Beaver Award


To recognize registered Scouters of exceptional character who have provided distinguished service within a council.

Who Can Earn This Award?

Presented by the National Court of Honor on behalf of councils.

How To Get the Award

Anyone may nominate any deserving registered Scouter to the council, which selects recipients for the following year. Each council may process their own annual allotment of Silver Beaver awards and shall send a list of Silver Beaver awards and shall send a list of Silver Beaver recipients presented each calendar year to the National Court of Honor no later than January 31 of the following year.

Description & Uniform Placement

Silver Beaver presentation kits, certificates, pocket cards, Silver Beaver medal suspended from ribbon worn around neck on formal occasions, knot for uniform worn above left pocket, and lapel pin for civilian wear.

Click here for the nomination form 



StemSTEM-ON-THE-GO! Nova Award Kits for Cub Scout Unit Leaders
STEM-on-the-Go is a comprehensive program outline and guide with a purpose to carry out the STEM Nova program. Each STEM on the Go box comes complete with a step-by-step Nova Award teaching guide, background and support materials, supplies for the lessons, and at least one hands-on experiment to apply concepts. To find out more about the Nova Awards program, click here.
Should any units and/or staff be interested in learning more about the boxes, contact your local STEM Executive or to place an order for the STEM on the Go kits please contact Kris Przewoznik at (219) 779-2300 or . STEM on the Go kits are $65.00 per module i.e. Cub Scout - Swing, 1.2.3 Go, Science Everywhere, and Tech Talk and councils can purchase them for units to sign-out through their local Scout shops.

Thank you to the Challenger Center of Northwest Indiana, Calumet Council STEM volunteers, and Don Bak, STEM Committee member for your efforts in making STEM on the Go kits a reality. STEM on the Go makes implementing the Nova Awards for your den or pack easy and convenient for unit leaders - “fun with a Purpose.” We would also like unit leaders and parents to take our 3 minute survey to provide their feedback on the new STEM on the Go kits, and will have more information on that soon.

With the introduction of the new Nova and Supernova awards comes an opportunity for volunteer positions. A Nova counselor can be any registered adult age 21 or older. They must be registered under the new non-unit position and no fee is required.
Supernova mentors must be 21 or older and be subject matter experts in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) field and be registered under the new Supernova Mentor position.

For more information on how to become a Nova counselor or a Supernova mentor, please contact your local STEM Executive or STEM Market Director

Have you wondered what the latest and greatest is going on with STEM in your area? Visit to see what's new and exciting!

Bass Pro Shop MB Programs

Bass ProBass Pro Shops and the Boy Scouts of America are proud to announce Boy Scout Month at Bass Pro Shops; Providing a Compass for Life!

We are proud to announce that September is Boy Scout Month at Bass Pro Shops. This promotion will run in all of the Bass Pro Shop stores for the entire month of September 2013.

The Bass Pro Shops promotional partnership is in its sixth year and is a multi-faceted event created to give families the knowledge and ideas they need to maximize their enjoyment of the outdoors. The following are offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends for the duration of the promotion (remember, everything is free!):
• Workshops for youth (suitable for ages 8–12) on subjects like fishing and rifle shooting. Following each workshop, participants complete a worksheet and earn a lapel pin. Opportunities are available to test youth bows, practice casting, shoot air rifles, and do other things.
• Free crafts will be available for children of all ages, including stamping animal tracks, leather stamping, and building and painting a birdhouse. Each Saturday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., families may enjoy making s’mores together over an open fire in front of the store.

Any time during the Fall Family promotion (but particularly on weekends, when traffic is highest), Scouts are encouraged to be in the store to talk to customers, solicit membership (youth and adults), and remind visitors of the donation program (explained below). Bass Pro Shops will provide a covered, skirted table and chairs for your council, and have in-store signage promoting the BSA.
Donation Program
During the calendar month of September, Bass Pro Shops will offer customers an opportunity to donate $2 or $5 to the BSA at each cash register. This donation will also enter the customer into a drawing for a $500, $250, or $100 Bass Pro Shops gift card if the customer completes their information on the donation form. At the end of the promotion, 50 percent of the money collected will come to the National Council and the other 50 percent will be given to our local council. Scouts present in the stores are encouraged to talk about the donation with customers to increase results. FLIER WITH PROMOTION

Merit Badge Classes
Bass Pro Shops is uniquely qualified to offer several workshops with merit badge requirements included. This year, Bass Pro Shops has chosen to highlight the Fishing and Rifle Shooting merit badges for Scouts. (Fishing does not include the final step of actually going fishing, and for the Rifle Shooting merit badge, they are using the air rifle option.)

Classes are taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. according to the following schedule:
Class size will be limited to 10 Scouts, so pre-registration will be necessary, Scouts may register at customer service or call the store register over the phone. FLIER WITH COURSES
Tuesday, Sept. 3 / Fishing
Tuesday, Sept. 17 / Fishing
Thursday, Sept. 5 / Rifle Shooting
Thursday, Sept. 19 / Rifle Shooting
Tuesday, Sept. 10 / Rifle Shooting
Tuesday, Sept. 24 / Rifle Shooting
Thursday, Sept. 12 / Fishing
Thursday, Sept. 26 / Fishing

Bricks4Kidz Workshops


Bricks 4 Kidz Naperville Website:    /   (630) 364-3950

Bricks 4 Kidz workshops are designed specifically to help Scouts earn Achievements, Electives, and STEM Nova Program badges at specific Scout levels. Build motorized models using our proprietary model plans, and LEGO® bricks, gears and motors. Bricks 4 Kidz workshops are fun, interactive, engaging, hands-on and promote learning STEM concepts while making connections to the real world.

We are excited to be working with the Three Fires Council in bringing the customized workshops to the Cub Scouts.

  • Achievement Workshops (Wolf, Bear & Webelos)
      • Your Living World - Achievement 7- WOLF
      • Sharing Your World With Wildlife - Achievement 5 - BEAR
      • Build A Model - Achievement 21 - BEAR
      • Engineer - Technology Group - WEBELOS
      • Geologist - Outdoor Group - WEBELOS
      • Scientist - Technology Group - WEBELOS
      • Craftsman – Technology Group - WEBELOS
  • Elective Workshops (Tiger, Wolf & Bear)
      • Make a Model – Elective 17- TIGER
      • Learn About Animals – Elective 31 - TIGER
      • Conservation – Elective 34 - TIGER
      • Machine Power – Elective 8 - WOLF
      • Space – Elective 1 – BEAR
      • Aircraft – Elective 6 - BEAR
      • Things That Go – Elective 7 - BEAR
  • STEM NOVA Program Badges (All Cub Scout Levels)
      • Science – “Science is Everywhere”- WOLF, BEAR and WEBELOS
      • Engineering – “Swing” – WOLF, BEAR and WEBELOS

Workshops – Offered in Fall, Winter & Spring on Friday evenings & Saturday mornings/afternoons in the Naperville area. Scouts can register individually or as a den. Visit our website for current offering of workshops and register online at

Private workshops - We can also schedule Den Achievement & Elective workshops for a minimum of 15 participants (plan with other dens at the same scout level to meet the min. requirement). In addition, we can also do Pack Meeting events which include fun interactive Lego based activities, games and challenges or the STEM NOVA workshops. Private workshops are available only in the Naperville, Plainfield, Lisle, East Oswego & Wheaton area. We can schedule the event at a community center in Naperville area, if you are not located in the above cities.

Bricks4Kidz introduces children to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) concepts using LEGO® bricks, gears, motors & technology. For more information on enrichment programs, scout workshops, in-school field trips, summer camps & birthday parties, contact at:

 Website:, Phone: 630-364-3950

STEM NOVA - Cub Scout

Stem Nova     FBJoin us on Facebook - Click on the button! >>

Stem NovaSTEM— (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Initiative

STEM/Nova Cool Videos from BSA! Check them out!


Stem GuideKeys to Implementing a Successful STEM Program-Click Here for the Program Guide
The STEM program complements the traditional Scout program and provides another avenue for exploration, leadership development and fun.  For many youth, the allure of science and technology is overwhelming and used properly the STEM program can be a powerful recruiting tool.  

First, make it fun.  The STEM program is not designed to supplement traditional schooling, but rather to spark the imagination and natural curiosity of youth.  Second, incorporate it into your traditional program.   It is simple to add a STEM element to Scouting activities which complements the “what” of the activity with the “how and why” it works.  For example, the Pinewood Derby event at the Cub Scout level is all about science and engineering. Start with a group session to introduce the topic to your pack, troop or crew.  The project should have a physical element.  

Most important is to review the information in websites of both the BSA and the Three Fires Council.  Everything a unit needs to start a STEM initiative is located on the website including the Nova awards guidebooks or you can purchase the guidebooks at your local Scout shop to explore the basic principles of STEM and discover how fun and fascinating STEM can be. STEM Talking Points

Why STEM? - We live in a time of great opportunity. The spirit of innovation can help us overcome challenges and ensure a prosperous and secure future. To seize this opportunity, we must position ourselves at the cutting edge of scientific discovery and technological innovation. Yet our country is falling behind in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This is why many professionals and educators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics believe the United States should do more now than ever to encourage students to enter STEM-related fields. These experts say our young people need strong STEM skills to compete in the world market. We must work together to cultivate the next generation of critical thinkers and innovators.

STEM is part of an initiative the Boy Scouts of America has taken on to encourage the natural curiosity of youth members and their sense of wonder about these fields through existing programs. From archery to welding, Scouts can't help but enjoy the wide range of STEM-related activities. To support this initiative, the BSA developed the Nova Awards program so that youth members have fun and receive recognition for their efforts.

NovaNovaWhat Are the Nova Awards? - The Boy Scouts of America developed the Nova Awards program to excite and expand a sense of wonder in our Scouts. By working with an adult counselor or mentor, the various modules allow them to explore the basic principles of STEM and discover how fun and fascinating STEM can be. The Supernova awards are offered for those who enjoy a super challenge. For more information about STEM and the Nova Awards program, visit the links below. Discover how the Nova Awards program helps youth be "Prepared. For Life."

Nova Counselors  -With the introduction of the new Nova awards comes a fresh opportunity for volunteer positions. A Nova Counselor can be any registered adult age 21 or older should be registered under the new Nova Counselor position code 52. Learn more about these opportunities by clicking on Volunteer Support.

About the NOVA Awards Program

There are four Nova awards for Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers. Each award covers one component of STEM—science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

The NOVA and SUPERNOVA award programs can be downloaded through the link below.

StemNova Cub Scout Workbook

Cub Scout Academic and Sports Belt Loops and Pins, with STEM related requirements:  Astronomy, Computers, Fishing, Geology, Horseback Riding, Mathematics, Photography, Science, Weather, and Wildlife Conservation.

Webelos Scout Activity Badges with STEM related requirements:  Communicator, Engineer, Forester, Geologist, Naturalist, and Scientist.

NOVA Award Tracking Tools
Here are some helpful tracking forms to help counselors with the Nova Award.


SupernovaPIThe NOVA  Award program consists of individual activity elements in various STEM topics structured for Cub Scouts,  Boy Scouts, & Venturers.   These topics, or four NOVA awards for each program level, are designed to encourage participation and to increase interest in STEM by making it relevant and fun.  The NOVA award will be a distinctive pocket patch with a separate pin on device awarded for each individual topic completed by the youth, up to three pins.



The Supernova awards have more rigorous requirements than the Nova awards. The requirements and activities were designed to motivate youth and recognize more in-depth, advanced achievement in STEM-related activities.

  • For Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts: Dr. Louis Alvarez Supernova Award
  • For Webelos Scouts: Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award


REQUEST A SUPER NOVA MENTOR - Need a Super-NOVA Mentor? Send us an Email Request

SUPERNOVA Award Tracking Forms

For earning the Supernova award, Scouts receive a medal and certificate. All requirements may be found in the Nova awards guidebooks, available in printed versions through our local Scout shops—one for Cub Scouts, one for Boy Scouts, and one for Venturers. The requirements can be completed with a parent or an adult leader as the counselor (for the Nova awards) or mentor (for the Supernova awards). Each guidebook includes a section for the counselor and mentor.

Download the Cub Scout NOVA booklet 34032_CSNova.pdf34032_CSNova.pdf