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Units can now submit advancement for unit youth members online. Your unit can use Internet Advancement to record awards, ranks, and merit badges to youth from any online location, including at home or at the office. You will be able to add new ranks and awards to your member records and to update existing ranks and awards, should the earned date displayed be incorrect according to the unit’s records.

Internet Advancement allows you to register once as a first time user and then to log in as a returning user to submit ranks and awards for your unit members. If you log out before you submit a report, your data will be saved.  Additionally, Internet Advancement will dynamically return you to the Stage you were in when you left.  For example, if you have completed Stage 1 of the process, when you return, you will begin at Stage 2.

Internet Advancement has become a part of your MyScouting Account. Please click on the MyScouting link below to go to the MyScouting site. After logging in you may access the Internet Advancement portal. Some individuals are experiencing difficulty with their My Scouting account. If this happens, you may use the Internet Advancement link as an option to access your unit's advancement records.

Internet Advancement Enhancements: 2013

Internet Advancement, the online service for units submitting youth member advancement, has been enhanced with important new features. Among these are the following:
• Youth Protection Training (YPT) completed date − The last YPT completed date from the person record, if any, is displayed on the Unit Roster report. The course code is included based on the unit program type.
• View Previous Advancement Reports − This new feature provides access to the List of Reports Submitted for the unit. No longer will a unit have only one opportunity to get the advancement report online or be required to contact the council to obtain a prior report that was submitted.
• Academic and Sports Belt Loops − Cub Scout packs may enter and submit the dates on which Belt Loops have been earned by pack members. This feature is available by Multiple Person Entry and individual entry.
• Tiger Cub rank − Cub Scout packs may enter completion of the Tiger Cub rank for members who earned the award as a Tiger Cub but did not have it entered in their records. Please encourage unit volunteers to check out these enhancements and to use Internet Advancement.

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 Internet Advancement


Tips for using Internet Advancement in your unit:

Unit Advancement Processor
If your unit appoints a new unit processor, contact Megan Thill at the Norris Scout Center (630-584-9250) to reset your unit’s profile.  The new unit advancement processor registers as a first time user. Three Fires Council can also reset the profile if the current unit advancement processor wants to change information such as e-mail address or telephone.

Submitting Reports
Units set their own schedule for submitting reports. We recommend submitting a report every month.  Each December a final report with anything not already recorded for the year should be submitted before month end.

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