Welcome to the home page of the Kishwaukee District Website. The word Kishwaukee comes from the Potawatomi language and can be translated to mean "river of sycamore". The Kishwaukee District serves the Scouts their leaders and of DeKalb County, IL. In total that equals over 750 Scouts and 300 volunteers. The following communitites and zip codes fall within the Kishwaukee District:

Kirkland: 60146, Kingston: 60145, Genoa: 60135, Burlington: 60109, Malta 60150, DeKalb: 60115, Sycamore: 60178,  Cortland:60112, Maple Park: 60151, Shabbona: 60550, Waterman: 60556, and Clare: 60111.


If you would like to join the Scouting adventure, please visit BeAScout.org to locate a Scouting program near you!

 If you have any questions, please contact Matt Faltz, Kishwaukee District Executive:  


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