Roundtable Schedule

MARCH 10 Super Roundtable - Business Expo

This Thursday, March 9, is our Super Roundtable, which is a mini-expo of businesses and organizations that offer things of interest to Scouts and Scouters. We have over a dozen exhibitors lined up, with a wide variety of products and services to display. This is can't miss Roundtable if you need resources for you unit.

As this is a larger than usual Roundtable we will be in a different room, please use the East entrance (entrance number 19) on the backside of the building. Our location will be down the hall on the left-hand side.

As a reminder Roundtable is held at the Technology Center of DuPage, 301 S Swift Rd, Addison, IL 60101

Experienced Equipment Table

Does your Unit have equipment that you don't use anymore, but that's still in usable condition? Would you like to get it out of your storage space? Are you looking to sell it [good], trade it [better], or just give it away [best]? Don't just leave it to the dust and the rust. There may be other Units that could really use it.

If your Unit has upgraded, or moved on to newer equipment, and your old equipment is just taking up space, this is a chance to get it out of your way, and help someone else at the same time. There may be a Unit that's struggling to get the stuff they need, and would love to have the stuff you don't. As long as it's still usable, there's nothing too big or too small... if your Unit used it, there's probably another one that could as well.

If the item[s] are easily transportable, please feel free to bring them. If they're not, a piece of paper with a description and/or a picture will also work [last time, we had a full-sized canoe go to a "new home" :-) ]. Please be sure to include your contact information on that paper.

Since this is for Scouting, we're looking to help other Scouts and Scouters, not to replace the "for sale" section of your local newspaper... so, we're offering the following "Fine Print" :-) :

1) All items should be something that could be considered "of a Scouting nature", and should be in reasonable condition. They don't have to look pretty, but they do have to be functional... or at least be able to be made functional [the above mentioned canoe was missing a couple of pieces of trim, but the canoe itself was in decent condition, and was repairable.]

2) Items to be given away may be individually-owned, or Unit-owned.

3) Items to be traded or sold must be Unit-owned, with the results of the trade or the profits going back to the Unit. The exception to this will be Scouting Patches, which may be traded by individuals [please note that the space available for display of such may be limited, and priority will be given to Unit-owned items].

We'll have our regular Uniform Bank available there [please feel free to bring in additional donations to that].

Some suggestions for other items would be:
-- Camping Equipment: tents, lanterns, cookware, mess kits, flashlights, sleeping backs, knapsacks, backpacks, bag chairs &etc.
-- Craft Stuff: "leftovers" -- parts and instructions from things you've done and don't plan to do again.
-- Sports Equipment: Balls, bats, yard games, indoor games, fishing equipment, and other things [canoes :-) ] that could be used by Cubs or Scouts for activity time at meetings or campouts.
-- Extra BSA Patches and "stuff". I know we have some collectors who'd love more stuff, and we've also had some Scouters who've "thinned out" their collections and brought in things they no longer want.
-- Anything else you can think of that may be useful to someone.

APRIL 14 To Be Determined

MAY 11 Program Kickoff


6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Medinah Shriners 550 Shriners Dr. Addison, Illinois 60101 more information at