FV Fall Camporee

None in 2015.  Attend 2015 Jamborall - Fri. Oct 2 - Sun Oct 4 2015



2014 FV Fall Camporee - Fri. Sep. 26 - Sun Sep. 28 2014

FV Order of the Arrow

Fox Valley Order of the Arrow Information

2015 OA Brotherhood Opportunity - At Spring Camporee on 5/16

OA Brotherhood Workbook

FV Spring Camporee

2016 Spring Camporee - Survive

Flier: 2016 Spring Camporee - Survive

Flier: 2016 OA Callout Ceremony

Flier: Brotherhood Workbook 41

Flier: 2016 Brotherhood Letter

Who: All Boy Scouts 

What: Camporee & Spring OA Callout Ceremony

When: Fri May 13 - Sun May 15  (OA Callout: Sat May 14)

Where: BSA Adventure Camp, 4492 S. Knoll Rd, Rochelle, IL 61068

Contact: Dave George,        Tim Fortier,    

OA Contact: Mike Nelson,   


FV Other Boy Scout Events

2016 Haunted Hike Volunteers:

To all, 
The annual Haunted Hike is a significant fundraiser for the Three Fires Council.   Over the years it had become a little bit stale and in need of a refresher or reboot.  This year is that year! 
In the past, units were asked to commit to taking a scene slot, developing the scene, building it, setting it up, staffing over SIX shifts on TWO full weekend and then taking it down.  
This is a lot to ask a single unit.  Each year, fewer and fewer units were willing or able to take on this type of commitment. 
This year is different! 
For the New and Improved Haunted Hike, we are making it easy for a unit to assist.  The scenes have been designed and are part of a story.  Fox Valley has committed to the Asylum  Maze (with an adult working the sparking fence) and the Toxic Waste Dump.  We need 6~8 scouts at each of the six sessions - and they can be different scouts from different units each time !
·  Each district across the Three Fires Council will host a scene or two along the Haunted Hike trail.  Our District Champion (Joe Knopp) will work to schedule participants to work the scare scene for their district on the following shifts:
-  Friday evening, Oct 21st from 6:30pm – 11-pm ish 
-  Saturday afternoon, Oct 22nd from 12:30pm – 4:30pm (kiddie hike)
-  Saturday evening, Oct 22nd from 6pm – 11pm ish
-  Friday evening, Oct 28th from 6:30pm – 11-pm ish 
-  Saturday afternoon, Oct 29th from 12:30pm – 4:30pm (kiddie hike)
-  Saturday evening, Oct 29th from 6pm – 11pm ish 
·   Joe is handling the recruiting and scheduling of units (troops, crews, and posts) for the scenes for Fox Valley District. 
·   We need to also need to ensure staffing (4-6 people) for set-up (Oct 8th & 15th), take down & clean up (Oct 30th). 
We are asking each unit to take one or two of the above shifts and provide 6-7 people on that shift.  Instead of committing to 6 shifts, we are asking for one or two if you can do it.  
The kiddie hike is perfect for newer boy scouts like first or second years.  There is no scaring, just give the little kids candy, tell a story, and send them along.  
The night hike is where you scare the general public as they walk through!   
People from a unit can be the scouts, parents, or leaders.  Younger siblings can help at the kiddie hike.   
Please let Joe know if your unit would like to participate.  Also if any of your scouts want to do more, that is A-OK! 

Joe Knopp