There are many ways you can help Scouting in Three Fires Council. This page contain a list of items that our council could use to help better our Scouting program for the youth that we serve.

Help Out Our Camps!

There are many ways to help out our camps while helping the Scouts save on their operating budget.

Gifts-in-kind is a simple concept whereby the Boy Scouts accept the donation of a product that it would normally have purchased through its annual operating budget. The key is that the donated product meets the specifications of what would have been purchased; making the item donated a “budget relief” for the council.

Specific project support is a concept whereby the Boy Scouts account and credit specific costs related to a particular program or activity from the operating budget. The costs are separated and written up as a “project” so that the potential donor knows exactly what he or she is supporting financially. This is an excellent way to match donor interests with specific budgetary expenses that are already a part of the council’s operating budget.

If you would like to support in one of these ways please check out our Program Support Brochure.

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