One of the main rolls of the Activities and Civic Service Committee is to help units with Community Service. Doing service projects in our communities is not something that our Packs and Troops struggle with. The biggest struggle is logging all of the service the Scouts do in DeKalb County.

It is important to get these hours logged. This helps your unit and the district know how we are doing in servicing our community. Just think how impact-full it is when you talk to people about your unit and tell them the actual number of service hours your Scouts contributed to our community. People are always surprised to here what young people are doing.

In 2012 our district averaged 6 hours of community service per registered youth. We know that that is only a fraction of what our Scouts are actually doing.

So to help serve you better the Activity and Civic Service Committee has developed a way to help support you. We will help log your service hours for you. All you have to do is fill out this form and send it back to You can also bring these forms with you to Roundtable and turn them in there. We will ensure that any forms sent to us will be logged.

Click Here to download a fill-able PDF of the Service Hours Reporting form.


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