Press Release Template


Guide to Writing a Press Release:  This file provides a model for you to prepare news releases in the style and format used by the Associated Press (AP).

Talent Release Form


Permission to Publish Release Form:  Use this form to obtain permission to use photographs or audio/video recordings of people (permission must be obtained from a parent or guardian for individuals under age 18).

BSA Branding Requirements & Public Relations

As we all know, the brand of the Boy Scouts of America is one of our most valuable assets. Built over almost a century, our brand holds a special place in the minds and hearts of millions of people. To continue to build on that legacy, and to leverage its power, our brand must be used clearly and consistently across the country.  Brand Management has developed several tools, including a Brand Identity Guide, to strengthen our brand-building efforts as an organization, from the unit level to the National Council.

Why is brand building important? 
• A stronger BSA brand will bring immediate credibility to our organization and help us foster consumer trust and loyalty.
• A stronger BSA brand will help us deliver our messaging more clearly and powerfully to families across the country.
• A stronger BSA brand will help us differentiate ourselves from other youth-focused alternatives, positioning our programs as the No. 1 choice for families.
• A stronger BSA brand nationally will help local units deliver their messaging even more effectively. 

BSABSA Branding Identity Guide and Requirements - BSA Branding Guide - 2013



PR Liaison Job Description - District PR Job Description

Guide to District Public Relations:  PR Resource and Guide to PR in Your District

What is Public Relations: In Scouting, public relations is best defined as the process of establishing and cultivating relationships with audiences in order to create and maintain favorable public opinion and achieve the Boy Scouts of America's mission of successful youth development.

Why is it important?  The more people who know about the Boy Scouts of America and the benefits of Scouting, the more people there will be to support local projects and programs.  Consider your target audiences, those groups of people you want to influence, including the media, current members and chartered organizations, potential members and chartered organizations, donors, potential donors, and the general public. 

We Want YOU  What can Positive Publicity and a PR Liaison do for the District? Establishes creibility, builds awareness, generates interest and highlights the value of Scouting in districts, and units.