cfllakeemrickwaterfront Camp Big Timber and Camp Freeland Leslie

Property Rental Reservations


  Links:  To begin your reservation click here.

 Year Round Reservation Process and Policies for facility usage 

TFC Property Rental and refund process-click here.

Camp Rules and Regulations for all property rentals

Update for Property Rental:

2017 Unit Reservations for Camp Big Timber and Camp Freeland Leslie are online in the new Property Rental System (online  as of May 27th, 2016). The 2017 Rental Rates are listed in the grids below and online when making your reservation.

Any 2018 reservations are on hold until approximately May 30th, 2017 as District/Council events are in the process of establishing their calendar and reservation needs. Once all dates are received and black outs have been entered - Rentals for 2018 will go live.  Watch here for more information!

Adventure Camp Reservations for 2017-2018:

  • 2017-2018 Scout Adventure Camp Unit reservations will now be taken by Cathlynn Peters for all  reservations effective 1/25/17. Please email for all Adventure Camp Reservations.   Payments for the Adventure Camp reservations will be made thru Cathlynn Peters by

          calling 630-796-4260.

Camp Big Timber and Camp Freeland Leslie:

  • All Non-Scout Unit requests for 2017 and 2018 will be handled thru the Three Fires Council Office.
  • District and Council Events needing to reserve a Council property for their events and will do so thru the Staff Advisor for their event. Currently, dates for District/Council events are being taken for 2018 thru June 2019.

New for CBT and Camp Freeland Leslie:

  • Payment will be required at the time of reservation - both checks and credit cards are accepted.
  • Unit Tent Campers will continue to be charged a weekend/per person charge of $2.00 with a minimum of $15.00 per night.  
  • Rental Deposits are no longer being taken.  Phaseout of the deposits began in 2016. Any damage/cleaning charges  will be charged to the Units.  Damages/Cleaning will be invoiced to the Unit (minimum 1 hour charge at the rate of $50.00 per hour). 
  • Rates are calculated on per night basis (2 nights for a weekend-Friday and Saturday)    Check out will remain Sunday by 11:00 AM.
  • Rentals needed on Sunday afternoon, Monday or Tuesday will need to go thru the office for Ranger permission - The weekdays are considered to be the Rangers days off. 

 Thanks for your patience during construction at Camp Big Timber!

Please follow directions on any construction areas for Camper safety. 

We are excited about our new camp enhancements coming soon! 


37W955 Big Timber Rd., Elgin, IL. 60124   

 K Lodge  T Lodge  Ansel Cabin
 K Lodge  T Lodge  
Treehouse  Firebowl  Grounds
 Treehouse  Fire Bowl Camping 

                       2017 Camp Big Timber Rental Rates only


Weekend Rentals

 Weekday rates -  per day
 K - Lodge $275.00  $137.50
 T - Lodge  $200.00  $100.00
 Ansel  $60.00  $30.00
 Tree House  $30.00  $15.00
 Fire Bowl  N/A  N/A

 Ground Use - (Tenting)


Per Person attending 

$ 2.00 per person attending/

weekend rate for Fri-Sun.

 $2.00 per person attending/

daily rate

 Whole Camp/Weekend

 $500.00+ *

* call for more details

 $350.00 weekdays
 Refundable Cleaning/Damage Deposit

$100.00 for Large Groups

$100.00 for Large Groups

Sunday afternoon/ evening rentals must be approved by the Ranger. 

Buildings do not have Saturday or Sunday only rental rates.  Monday and Tuesday are blocked out for Ranger's day off. 

Lake Emrick Swim Dock




105 Fawn Dr., Oxford, WI. 53952


Scout Group Rental Rates

           (For Non-Scout Units Rental Rates:Call 630-584-9250 X100 Program) 

2017 Rental Rates only  

Locations  Weekend Rentals

Week day rates -

per day

 Deicke Building             $300.00       $150.00

 Ground Usage  - (Tenting)

 Charges: Per Person /Night

      $2.00 per person

  /weekend rate from

    Fri. - Sun noon.

 $2.00 per person/

  daily rate

 Pavillions (6 Available)
 Inquire  Inquire

 Refundable Cleaning/

 Damage Deposit:none

 Units are charged for any cleaning

and damage that occurs.

Minimum charge: 1 hour at $50.00 per hr.

 $0.00  $0.00