Be Prepared for weather when you go outdoors!


A Scout should always be prepared! Here is some weather related information designed to make your outdoor & camping experiences both safer & more enjoyable!


Weather Smart Weather Smart Training

Weather conditions—good, bad, and ugly—are an important factor in any outdoor Scouting activity. In fact, how you plan and prepare for the weather can make the difference between a great outdoor experience, a miserable or cancelled outing, and even injury or death in hazardous conditions. Weather Smart training is designed to help you and your troop plan and prepare for hazardous weather—to make you, “Weather Smart. This new training is found on your MyScouting Account, and as of January 1, 2009, it is mandatory that someone from your unit who is going on your outings, has taken this training in order to get your tour permit approved.


Lightning AwarenessThis new program by the National Weather Service & NOAA is entitled When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors! It is full of good information & links to help you deal with lightning. Just click on the lightning bolt icon!

Weather Smart Links

National Weather Service - The U.S. government’s premier Web site on weather, with weather news, safety, maps, etc.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Also Known as NOAA (

Need weather on the go? NWS Services for PDA’s and Cell Phones:

Mobile Weather - The PDA service, designed for wireless devices with small screens and Web browsers. ( )

Cell Phone Service -  Cell phone service is intended for phones with Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). You must have WAP to access this site. (

These services provide basic low bandwidth access to NWS products, including watches and warnings, zone forecasts, low and high resolution radar and satellite images, surface observations, marine forecasts and most other NWS text products.