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Welcome to Scouting! As a new Scout volunteer you are joining our Scouting family, & we want you to understand how the program works. The BSA is committed to your success as a volunteer while serving young people. To help you be successful there are training courses designed for each level of the program you are involved with. 

The training courses needed to be considered trained for your position are listed below. To find a location where & when these courses are available, as well as fliers, registration forms or online registration, please visit the Training Events/Fliers Page of this website. 

What Makes a Trained Leader? - What every registered Adult Leader needs to be considered "Basic Trained for their position"

Basic Training Course Requirements - Codes for District & Council Trainers

Top Leader Trained Date Course Criteria - Document For District & Council Trainers

What Makes a Trained Varsity Team Leader?   Trained

Varsity Letter VARSITY SCOUT LEADERS & COMMITTEE MEMBERS are considered trained when they have completed:

1.    Complete Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start Training at MyScouting Suggested but not required
2.    Complete This is Scouting at MyScouting - Suggested but not required
3.    Complete Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training
4.    Complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (for Coaches and assistants only)

5. Youth Protection Training - Available in English or Spanish at MyScouting. This training is designed to allow you to create as safe an environment as possible for the Scouts in our program's activities.

(Chartered Organization Representatives take Chartered Organization Rep Training in place of #3 & #4 above, to fulfill their 'Position Specific' requirement.) at MyScouting or in training class.

After completing these courses, registered Varsity Coaches or Assistant Coaches may wear the trained strip on their uniforms.


Scouters Training Award   Progress Record for the Varsity Scout Leader Training Award - Varsity Adult Leader's  Award

Varsity Coach Key   Progress Record for the Varsity Coach's Key - Varsity Coach Award

Unit Leader Award of MeritUnit Leader Award of Merit - Can be earned by the Scoutmaster. (Unit Leader) This award replaces the former Scoutmaster Award of Merit & is a fillable form that can be downloaded & saved to your computer.

Varsity Letter Varsity Scout Leader Letter Scorecard - Varsity Leader Letter Scorecard