Event Registration:


Screenshot 1

Go to the events page and select the camp or event you would like to register for.


Screenshot 2


Beginning the registration starts with the Registration Contact. This person might be also attending the event, or might not. We are using this as the point of contact for your registration. Enter your First and Last name and email, then select "Start Registration".

Screenshot 4

Once there, read the information on the event. If this is the event, then select "Register" either on the top of this page or the right side.


Screenshot 3

This varies by camp or event. in this example there are two types to choose from: a Cub Scout Youth and Adult. Items to notice: under the Quantities needed boxes there is a statement: "Overall Number Left". This is informing you how many spots are available for this event.  You should select the proper number for your registration for this camp.

Then click "Register Now".

The Registration Contact

Screenshot 5

The next screen of information is the registration contact. This person might be also attending the event, or might not. We are using this as the point of contact for your registration. 

In this example they are asking for you unit information. This is your Pack or Troop number. If you are from Three Fires Council, then enter your pack number in the box.

Screenshot 6

Please fill in the needed information and select "Continue"

The Attendees

This section is on the information on those actually going to the camp or event. This information will for those going to or attending the event.

The Attendee Page

Screenshot 7

Page Descriptions (from left to right)

  • The attendee Tab, highlighted to show you are on this page.
  • The Summary Tab, for the registration contact information
  • Checkout, where to begin paying.
  • Your Registration number, you can use this to access your registration later if you need to.
  • Your ballance due
  • Cub Scout Youth - The reg Type you selected prior in the process, the names of the youth will be added (by clicking on the names) and displayed here. The Warning sign here represents more information is needed.
  • The Adult information is here.

Once all information is correct the system will give you a Green check and let you begin the checkout process.

Screenshot 8

This image shows an attending 3rd grader as a Bear.  Notice the Green checks by the names and the attendee tabs. This siginifies the attendees are done and all needed information is there, You can now continue to the checkout. Click on the Checkout Tab.  

Screenshot 9

This page displays your registration information:

  • Costs, including the extra adult t-shirt ordered
  • Discounts
  • Payment options. Please note: Early pricing discounts are by the date paid not the day you make the registration. if paid by the due date you get the discount.
  • Arrow to continue through the check out process.

The next few screens will be confirming your personal infirmation amd making a payment.

If you have any question, please call the council coordinator at 630-584-9250.