The Carnival of Terror

Thadius J. Creepwell was part Showman part Conman. Always on the search for additions to his Carnival. He had got tired of looking for attractions when he decided to create his own freaks using toxic waste. This obsession would be his demise. When one of his dangerous creatures got loose in his Airplane and crashed.

Thadius did not make it but the creature survived and is still on the grounds.

A night designed to test your fears. You will be hiking through Camp Big Timber’s trails, in and out of buildings and outdoor scenes. The hike will take about forty-five minutes to complete.

Tickets are available at the door.


Terror Hike Tickets are $10 per person. (may be purchased at the door)
Group Tickets (online Only) $1 off per ticket on 10 or more! So get your friends together and get scared!