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Best Practices for Linked Troops Virtual Seminar

Best Practices for Linked Troops Virtual Seminar
The National Scouts BSA Program Committee is pleased to announce an interactive virtual seminar on "Best Practices for Linked Troops." This event will be held on September 17th at 9:00 AM CST via Zoom and is open to all Scoutmasters. We will be discussing the "why" for single-gendered Troops, rules for linked Troops, the variety of organizational structures permitted for linked Troops, common youth protection questions, and more! This seminar will be recorded and available to all Scouts BSA volunteers.

Monkey Pox Information

Monkeypox has recently been declared a public health emergency by several states and cities. It has also been declared a national public health emergency. While it is not likely that Monkeypox would be transmitted during Scouting activities since skin-to-skin contact is the primary way it is spread; nevertheless, our Scouting community should be vigilant to protect against this disease and take steps to reduce the chance of transmission to others. Fortunately, most cases of Monkeypox have been relatively mild. Pain from the rash is the most noted symptom.

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