2020 Popcorn Kickoff!!

How to place your order

Once logged into your Unit Leader account at Scouting.trails-end.com, click the Order Popcorn button at the top of the page, or click Popcorn Orders from the left-hand navigation then click Order Popcorn. Select the appropriate order type from the Choose Delivery dropdown menu. A list of available products will appear. Enter the quantities needed, paying attention to whether you are ordering in cases or containers (see ratios next to each product). You can save your order and return to it later or submit the order to your council for approval. Once the order is approved you will receive an email notification and will be able to view your invoice at that time.

For further information on placing your popcorn order, please refer to this training video.

Home Delivery

You can also opt to have your order delivered for a fee of $230 by Demar Logistics. For this we simply need our home delivery form filled out. You can use the PDF version or our new online  form. Please contact Loren Winfrey at Loren.Winfrey@Scouting.org with any questions.

Register for 2020 Fall Popcorn Sale

I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. As we look forward to getting back to some form of normalcy the Council Popcorn Committee is looking forward to the 2020 Fall Popcorn Sale when we feel we will be in a much better position.

We would like to use this time to get every unit registered for the Fall Popcorn Sale. We want to get every unit signed up by May 31 this year and have the correct unit kernel contact information so you don't miss any important information about Training, the Trail's End App, the E-Rewards Program, New Products, and Storefront scheduling support.

To register your unit and Unit Kernel for the 2020 Fall Popcorn Sale, just click the button below and you will be taken to the online registration page through the Trail's End website. You will then begin to receive emails with lots of resources and training to help you prepare and plan for your  Unit's popcorn sale over the summer.

Register for the Fall Popcorn Sale!

Please let us know if you have any questions. See you at the Popcorn Kickoff in August!

How To Claim Storefront Reservations:

Trail's End has partnered with Three Fires Council to provide storefront booking in 2020. Trail's End has contacted stores in your area on behalf of Thre Fires Council which you will be able to claim directly through the Trail's End Unit Leader Portal. This service will allow for more storefront hours and less work preventing double booking. Please sign into the Unit Leader Portal and go to "Storefront Reservations" to view the stores that Trail's End has secured.

The claiming schedule for storefronts has changed in Three Fires Council since the last email in early June. Here is the revised schedule:

  • July 11 - 1 Reservation within your District
  • July 12 - 2 Reservations within your District
  • July 13 - 1 Reservations within your District
  • July 14 - 2 Reservations within your District
  • July 15 - 4 Reservations within your District
  • July 16 - Unlimited Reservations within the Council

For a full guide on claiming Storefront Reservations, please see our Unit Leader Storefront Reservations Claiming Guide.

Already have time booked at one of the storefronts listed? 
Let us know by completing our Storefront Verification form.  We will verify this with the store and contact you to lock in the shifts.

Do you traditionally sell at a store that is not on our Storefront list?

No problem! You can continue to book time with that store as you normally would.

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