The Trail to Eagle

The Eagle Scout rank is a life-long achievement that’s always carried a special significance. It has been said that, "Once an Eagle. Always an Eagle." College, business, the military and community service leaders all respect an Eagle Scout for what he has accomplished and what it represents.

This performance-based achievement has high standards that not everyone will earn. Only about 6 percent of all Boy Scouts earn Eagle, making about 2 million Eagle Scouts since 1912. Scouts will use their Scout Handbook and troop/crew/team leadership to complete the requirements for the Eagle Scout rank. Because of the unique nature of this award, special procedures, forms, and resources are available to help the Scout, their families, and Scout leaders along the trail to Eagle.

Eagle Scout Extensions

Currently, councils have the authority to grant Eagle extensions through December 31, 2020 with the following limitations:

  1. It can be established that COVID-19 disruptions were the only circumstances that delayed work on Eagle Scout/Summit/Quartermaster advancement requirements, such as the service project or merit badges.
  2. Extensions shall only be granted to youth in Scouts BSA who have already achieved Life rank.
  3. Extensions are for 3 months beyond the Scout’s 18th (or 21st for Summit or Quartermaster) birthday.  An additional time extension of three months can be granted to those who received an extension and whose birthday is before October 2020. A third extension is possible for those who received an extension before July 2020 but will need to be carefully evaluated. If a youth has previously received an extension for cause from National, they can apply for an extension.

The current (Nov/Dec 2020) COVID-19 restrictions may impact Eagle candidates preventing them from competing requirements before their 18th birthday.  If so, please submit a request for extension prior to December 20th so we can review and process the request.  The requirements and form for requesting an extension are found on the TFC website on the COVID-19 Update page.  If National does not extend the December 31st date, then any request received after that date will be forwarded to National for approval.

COVID-19 Guidelines Request for Time Extension



Trail to Eagle Workshop

Our Council Advancement Committee Chair Bob Charles and Advancement Committee Member Marti Jernberg held the 2020 Trail to Eagle workshop. This class was designed to help those Scouts that are working toward earning the Rank of Eagle Scout. Some of the objectives covered are:

eagle packet
Service project
Special needs Scouts
Boards of review

The following PDF is the slide show that goes along with this training.


Eagle Rank Guidelines

The definitive source for all things Eagle is the BSA's Guide to Advancement. This link takes you directly to the interactive section regarding Eagle Scout rank advancement.

Learn More

Eagle Project Workbook

The BSA publishes an electronically-fillable form, as well as instructions for downloading and completing the Eagle Project workbook. Fundraising for your Eagle Project has some special requirements that must be followed. Please review our Fundraising FAQ for the details.

Download Fundraising FAQ

Eagle Scout Rank Application

The BSA official source for the Eagle Scout Rank Application. Download and complete the application. We've included a handy checklist for Scouts and parents to use when completing the Application form.

Download Checklist

Eagle Scout Character References

Three Fires Council has chosen to implement the character references required by the eagle application through the use of the TFC Eagle Reference Letter Form. The Eagle candidate should supply their references with this form and a stamped envelope addressed to their unit leader (or other reference letter contact designated by their unit). The unit turns in the unopened reference letters with the candidate's eagle application and workbook. Visit our frequently asked questions list for important information about reference letters.

Download Reference FAQ List

TFC Advancement Central

From merit badges to forms and program helps to other recognition and awards, the Three Fires Council Advancement Central is a great place to start your Journey to Eagle.

National Eagle Scout Association

NESA is the national alumni association for Eagle Scouts and is an invaluable resource for parents, Scouts and volunteers.

A Gathering of Eagles

Each February, Three Fires Council recognizes the young men who have reached the pinnacle of Scouting in a formal recognition banquet. Visit the TFC Calendar and watch the Activities page for our next event.


Additional Resources

Upon receipt of the Eagle Application, the Council verifies that the information is complete and accurate. If everything is complete and correct, the council provides a certification signature, files a copy of the application and sends the original and project workbook to the district advancement committee to schedule the board of review. Three Fires Council policy is that reference letters are requested as part of the Eagle package submission. The Council has the responsibility to secure recommendations and has elected to do this via letters. The Council has elected to designate the Eagle Candidate the responsibility to secure the recommendations in a sealed letter format. The Council will accept the Eagle application without the reference letters, will request that reference letters be provided and if reference letters are not received within two weeks will forward the package to the district. Upon receipt of the package by the district advancement committee, they will contact the unit to schedule the board of review. If reference letters are not received than the Council delegates the responsibility to the Chair of the Eagle Board to contact the reference, collect the responses and present the findings at the Eagle Board of Review. Completed reference responses of any kind are the property of the council and are confidential, and only review-board members and those officials with a specific need may see them. The responses are not to be viewed by or returned to the Scout.