2021 Recharter packets are now ready for pick up. Please check with your District to find available pick up times at roundtables or other opportunities. Recharters are due in December.

We’ve listened to feedback from our unit leaders and are making the following adjustment to the 2021 recharter. This December we will collect only 10 months of fees with recharter. The recharter dates will be January 1 – October 31. Units will recharter again in November 2021 for 12 months.

This has the following impact:

• The recharter cycle will more closely follow the program/school year.
• The new member campaign will more closely sync with recharter.
• Unit earnings from popcorn will be available during recharter and popcorn sales can be used to encourage families to earn their Scouting year without paying out of pocket.
• It will reduce the amount collected from each youth member at the end of this calendar year by $21 and $11 for each volunteer.



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