Effective March 18, 2021, the State of Illinois release updated guidelines for overnight camping. After all BSA councils in the state met with representatives of the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) the state’s health department reviewed the suggestions and updated the guidelines to allow for overnight camping.  We are appreciative of the state listening to the need for youth to be able to engage in outdoor activities in a safe way.  The challenges over the past year have not allowed the youth in our communities to have the interactions they need with nature to develop as they should. They can now do so once again.

Our council has taken the guidelines and provided a document that each unit should reference when planning for any overnight camping event. You can find the document using this link: Overnight Camping Guidelines

Remember to also follow the Guide to Safe Scouting (link  as you plan your adventures.

In February 2021, Governor Pritzker moved the entirety of the Three Fires Council area to Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan. These counties no longer have the previous mitigations they had before. This phase brings on a number of guideline changes to our Council as we continue to reopen.

Unit Operations:

  • Under the Restore Illinois Plan Phase 4: Groups of 50 or less are allowed. Many units in our area may now begin meeting in groups larger than Den or Patrol size. Larger units should be mindful of these guidelines whenever meeting and break up groups accordingly.
  • Activities are strongly encouraged to be outdoor program whenever possible. Hand washing, face masks and social distancing are to be the norm and to be enforced by unit leaders.
    • Before members participate, they need to self evaluate to confirm it is safe for them to participate.
    • Members who are ill, living with someone who is ill, or showing symptoms, or in a higher risk category should not participate in group activities.
  • Regular troop meetings/outings: please speak with your Charter Partner and follow their guidance.
  • Camping: All outdoor activities are permitted, including family and youth group camping.

Council Program Operations:

  • Council Programing will continue as planned.
  • Please be on the lookout for additional information about our upcoming spring programs and any potential changes. Check out our Facebook page for the most up to date information.
  • Three Fires Council will continue to update and distribute additional materials, as well as programs for Cub Scouts via our Digital Scouting Resources page; including Virtual Dens and the Adventures in a Box Program.

For additional details on summer camp, advancement, special events or Scouting resources, visit our Council website at or contact a member of our professional staff.

2021 Day Camps
The council intends to hold Weird Science Day Camp at a variety of locations across our area. Health and safety precautions will be followed to ensure a safe, healthy, and fantastic camp. Registration is open now to all kids entering grades 1 through 5 this fall, not just Scouts. Invite your friends and register here!

2021 Summer Camp
Three Fires Council plans on having a safe and exciting 2021 camp season. Camp Freeland Leslie had a healthy, safe and exciting 2020, and we hope you’ll join us for more fun in 2021! Click here for more information on summer programming. As new information is available, it will be added to the information page.


We are investing in the safety of our Scouts, leaders and staff through essential improvements and tools. We have purchased face protector buffs, personal hand sanitizer for Scouts attending camp and additional medical equipment. If you are in a position to help with any of these unexpected expenses please consider making a gift to Three Fires Council.

An article from Bryan on Scouting about alternate locations and ideas where to find them.

Rain or shine, pandemic or not, recruitment doesn't stop! Here are some tips to support your unit's recruitment efforts during the current state restrictions.

The following information regarding advancement is being provided as we deal with closures, cancellations, or other issues caused by the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Youth, parents, and leaders should work together to implement creative, common sense ways to facilitate advancement while adhering to the Guide to Safe Scouting and following the rules of Youth Protection training.