The Three Fires Council Health & Safety committee met last week and is updating its COVID guidance in accordance with current BSA, CDC and IDPH guidelines.

Effective February 28, 2022, at Three Fires Council properties (Camp Big Timber, Scout Shop), masks are no longer required.

Units should continue to adhere to any additional guidance from Charter Partners regarding indoor meetings at their facilities. Scouts should be good guests, and follow the policy of the location where scouts are meeting or conducting program.

Individuals who chose to continue to wear masks for personal reasons should be made comfortable to do so. Units should not create additional requirements on members or leaders beyond that of the host-site policy and in the absence of a host-site policy the state/county guideline should be adhered to.

Three Fires Council will continue to post and update links to BSA COVID mitigation practices here on our website for units to review as they are updated.

Council Properties and Activities: Three Fires Council will maintain enhanced cleaning protocols of facilities and will have hand sanitizer available at all high traffic areas. All participants, youth and adult, should stay home if sick or know of a recent direct exposure. No health screening will be conducted by TFC staff prior to single day events. Participants of overnight events should continue to self-screen prior to participating. TFC will continue to notify participants of possible exposure at district/council events.

Unit Operations: Continue enhanced cleaning and sanitation. Units should continue to follow direction from their Charter Partner and the facilities where your programs are held. Units should continue to notify members/families of possible exposure through unit programming. Continue to enter incidents of COVID exposure in the incident reporting portal.


Outdoors: No masks required, no group size limits. Masks are encouraged when in large group settings or when in close contact with others.

Indoors: Masks are optional indoors at council properties for all patrons. Unvaccinated persons are encouraged to wear masks while participating during indoor activities. Each family must evaluate their risks under these guidelines and act accordingly.

Council Service Center and Scout Shops:  Face masks are not required for guests to the Norris Scout Center and our Scout Shops.

Tenting/Overnight Accommodations: As always, all BSA youth protection policies must be followed. Scouts can share tents and other accommodations such as indoor/cabin spaces. Individual Scout or family requests to tent separately should be accommodated.

The BSA strongly recommends the COVID-19 vaccination for all who are eligible. However the national council will not be requiring it for BSA members (this includes summer camp programming).

No single policy will fit the needs of every family. Unit leaders should work with their families to provide as comfortable environment as possible. We ask that everyone be respectful of each other and “do your best” to provide a welcoming and safe Scouting experience to as many families as possible.

While we strive to create the safest environment for all our Scouts Leaders and families, this last two years has taught us we cannot eliminate all risks. But if we follow simple common sense protocols we can create a safer experience for everyone.

Each family will have to decide if the precautions in place for unit and council operations are satisfactory for their family’s unique requirements.


We are investing in the safety of our Scouts, leaders and staff through essential improvements and tools. We have purchased face protector buffs, personal hand sanitizer for Scouts attending camp and additional medical equipment. If you are in a position to help with any of these unexpected expenses please consider making a gift to Three Fires Council.

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