Our Training Leaders

Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader! Reach out to our various leaders to begin your training today! Contact us online by filling out the form below. 

Mike Fugate
TFC Training Chair/Wood Badge Ticket Coordinator
Phone: 815-757-4987
Harry Stout
2015 Wood Badge Course Director
Ed Hedborn
2014 Wood Badge Course Director
Phone: 630-985-0655
Mike Koehne
2013 Wood Badge Course Director
Phone: 630-655-5555
Jeff Baeder
NYLT Course Director
Anye Whyte
1st Aid Training Coordinator
Phone: 630-606-3394
Sherry Herzog
OLS & OLS-Webelos Training Coordinator
Phone: 630-464-6786
jay Herzog
2014-15 Okpik SM
Phone: 630-989-2801
Shawn Lawrence
2014-15 Okpik SPL
Phone: 630-989-2801
John Picchietti
2015 Den Chief Training
Phone: 630-351-1969
Jim Dunlap
2015 LBPU Coordinator
Phone: 630-892-6614
Shawn Lawrence 1
#1 Kishwaukee Training Chair
Phone: 815-757-3846
Vacant -SH Training
#2 Shabbona District Training Chair
Roy Breede
#3 Northern Trail District Training Chair
Phone: 630-815-3204
Betty Bohlander
#4 Maramech Hill District Training Chair
Phone: 630-466-4619
Dale Squier
#4 Maramech Hill District Training Co-Chair
Phone: 630-554-8657
Nick Dzierzanowski
#5 Fox Valley District Training Chair
Phone: 630-587-9608
Vacant PT Training
#7 Potawatomi Trails Training Chair
Trudy Landry Schlapp
#8 Foxfire District Training Chair
Phone: 630-887-1376
Rich Fazio
#9 Indian Prairie District Training Chair
Phone: 630-637-0168
Vacant TB Training
#10 Thunderbird District Training Center
Jeff Short
#11 Exploring/Venturing Training Chair
Phone: 630-832-2243
Troy Fleener
#12 Chippewa District Training Chair
Phone: 847-428-5645

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