Popcorn Sales

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The Three Fires Council annual popcorn sale is the largest fundraiser of the Scouting year. The success of our Popcorn campaign helps to deliver quality programming at every level of Scouting. In fact, Three Fires Council has one of the most successful Popcorn programs in all of Scouting. Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, our sale raised $584,000 for local Scouting. THANK YOU for making time in your busy schedules to support our Popcorn program.

People in your communities can't wait for Popcorn season! Many of your customers come back year after year to try new products, reconnect with their favorites and purchase gifts of popcorn for their friends, family and co-workers. We've put together a ton of information to help you run a successful Popcorn campaign. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun out there!

Ron Wentzell, Staff Adviser

 Kernel Guide (PDF)

 Unit Success Playbook (PDF)

  Parent Handout (PDF)

 Popcorn District Contacts (PDF)

 Unit Kernel Responsibilities (PDF)

 Unit Kernel Checklist (PDF)

 Den/Patrol Responsibilities (PDF)

 Unit Reference Information (PDF)

 Heroes Donation Receipts (PDF)

  Transfer Instructions (PDF)

  Pre-Order Home Delivery Form (online, Preferred method)

  Home Delivery Form (PDF, email to TFCPopcorn@Scouting.org)

  How to Request a payout (PDF)

Sales Permits

  Aurora (PDF)

  Carol Stream (PDF)

  Downers Grove ((PDF) Expires 9/14/2021)

  Glen Ellyn (PDF) 

  Lisle (PDF)

  Lombard (PDF)

  Oak Brook (PDF)

  St Charles (PDF)


  Pack Budget Worksheet(Excel)
  Troop Budget Worksheet(Excel)

  Door Hanger Label Template (PDF)

  Popcorn Tracker Basic (Excel)
  Popcorn Tracker Extended (zip file-Excel)

 Den\Patrol Roster (Excel)
 Den\Patrol Roster (PDF) 

 Parent Consignment Form (Excel)
 Parent Consignment Form (PDF)

Settlement Form (Excel)
Settlement Form (PDF)


Kernel Facebook Group

American Hero's Receipt (PDF)

Unit Goal Poster (PDF)

Popcorn Order Form p1  (PDF)
Popcorn Order Form p2  (PDF)

 Trails End - Scholarship Form (PDF)