Scout Shop FAQs

This is an account set up for units to use at the Scout Shops. A unit deposits money into the account to use for purchases, registration, camp fees, etc. Some units maintain two accounts – a general Scout Shop account to be used for purchasing merchandise and paying for events, and a registration account that is used solely for registration, Boys’ Life, insurance and rechartering fees.
First contact the Scout Shop where you would like to open the account (either Norris or Naperville) to see if there is one already set up for your unit. Previous members of your unit may have already started an account.

To open an account, you must fill out a Unit Account Signers Card, available at either Scout Shop or Shops. This card lets us know who is authorized to use the account and who to contact for matters concerning the account. This card is also needed to make any changes to existing accounts. The current Committee Chairperson must sign this card. You may then deposit money into the account. If using a credit/debit card to make deposit(s) into the Unit account, there will be a $5.00 convenience fee added.
No. Our systems are not linked. If you wish to shop at both Scout Shops using a unit account, you would need to maintain a separate account at each Shop. Neither Shop has access to the other Shop’s accounts.
Transaction receipts show the account balance on them. This amount shows as a negative number. This is the amount you have left in the account. It does not mean you are in the red or owe us money. This is just the way our system displays your balance.

It is up to each unit to establish an internal policy for keeping track of money spent. It is recommended that everyone using the account turn over his or her receipts to the treasurer. A unit may also request a print out of the account activity at any time. This printout can be picked up or we can mail or fax it to you. These printouts show line item and transaction detail as well as balance.
Often the Registrar receives registrations with checks via the mail. Sometimes the amount sent is over or short of what is needed to complete the transaction. In those cases, if the unit has a Scout Shop account, the amount needed is taken from the unit account, if available. In the opposite situation, if the unit has sent too much money, the overage is deposited into the unit account. Due to the volume of registrations received at the Council office, the unit would not receive notice of these transactions. The unit does have the option of putting a notation on the account to not allow the account to be used in this way. In those cases, the unit would be notified of the overage or shortage and asked to bring in the correct amount. This would hold up the registration process, but it would be the unit’s decision. Again, the unit can request a printout of their account’s activity at anytime.
Contact the Scout Shop where the account is held.
Norris – 630-797-4614 or Naperville- 630-791-8342.