Step One: Prepare

To successfully recruit new ventures', a well-planned and robust pack program is crucial. Use the below links to complete your Crews’s annual “Ideal Year of Scouting” plan. Once your program is planned a complement recruitment plan can be created. Use the below Crew Recruitment Playbook to work through your fall recruitment plans.

  Guidebook   Recruitment Guide



Step Two: Identify

Successful recruitment happens when families have been invited to come. The most common response to “Why haven’t you joined Scouting” is “We’ve never been invited”. Many families see our posters, yard signs and fliers but it does not equate to an invitation. While they are important, the personal invite is the most successful recruitment tool. In order to invite families to join we need to identify them.



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Step Three: Promote

It is important to promote your recruitment events early and often. This requires that your recruitment's are scheduled with enough time to get the word out. Promotion of any recruitment should start 30 days before the event. Use the below Promotional Back Dater to successfully get the word out.



Step Four: Sign Them Up

Everything done up to know has been so that new families are aware of how, when and where to join Scouting. It is important that every recruitment is set up so that new families can and want to sign up. Most families come to recruitment events with the intention of signing up. Use the below resources to ensure they do.


Step Five: Engage

It is important to engage new families quickly and consistently from the time they sign up. New families want to hear from you and are excited to start their Scouting adventure. Make sure they get connected with their den and receive personal invites to meetings and activities. Use the resources below to consistently engage with new families.



Step Six: Deliver

Now it’s time to Deliver the Promise. It is important that all the fun and adventure that new families were promised happens. Follow your annual program plan and calendar and ensure families are having fun. If you do this Scouts will continue in the program year after year and parents will lean in and volunteer. Membership recruitment is not an extra thing that should be done it is an essential to ensure growth and depth in your Crew.

Membership Contacts