To effectively administer Scouting, our Council is divided into Districts, primarily by geography, and the same council leadership pattern repeats. Each has a district chair, who leads the district committee, a district commissioner who directs the unit commissioners, supported by a district executive, the staff member serving the assigned territory.

The day-to-day operations of the Council is centered in St. Charles, Illinois. Our Volunteer Support Service Center is located at:

415 North Second St. (Rt. 31)
St. Charles, IL 60174

P: 630-584-9250

Our camp property in Elgin, Illinois are managed by our Camp Ranger. 

Staff supports program, business operations, and fundraising for our organization. 

Executive Staff


Scout Executive / CEO

Email | (630) 797-4615
Ron Wentzell

Director of Field Services/
Interim Scout Executive

Email | 630-797-4615
Katie Clark

Director of Support Services / CFO

Email | 630-797-4610
Amy Hutcherson

Director of Development

Email | 630-797-4610
Renee' Cosme

Office Manager

Email | 630-797-4603
Rachael Ruiz

Marketing & Communications Director

Email | 630-797-4606

Program Staff

Donnie Helstern

Program Director

Email | 630-797-4618

Patrick Seeden

Program Specialist/Outdoor Adventure

Email | 630-797-4600

East Team (Chippewa)

Brian Lechner

East Team Field Director

Email | 630-797-4613
Michael Niederman

Senior District Executive
Chippewa District

Email | 630-797-4625

Adam Greenacre

Membership Growth &
Unit Service Executive

Chippewa District

Email | 630-797-4628

Tomi Saunders

Membership Growth &
Unit Service Executive

Chippewa District

Email | 630-797-4624

West Team (Ottawa, Potawatomi)

Zach Knoch

West Team Field Director

Email | 630-797-4626
Kelly Quinn

District Director
Ottawa District

Email | 630-797-4623
Sean Nadeau

Senior District Executive
Potawatomi District

Email | 630-797-4627
Len Bogacki

Membership Growth &
Unit Service Executive

Ottawa District

Email | 630-797-4630

Support Services

Jeremy Case

Ranger Camp Big Timber

Email | 630-797-4637
Karen Wanek

Accounting Specialist

Email | 630-797-4619
Maritsa Herrera

Council Registrar

Email | 630-797-4604
Loren Winfrey

Development & Program Support

Email | 630-797-4617
Christine Conwell

Office Assistant
Sales Associate

Email | 630-797-4622
Lori Watson

Senior Store Manager
St. Charles Scout Shop

Email | 630-797-4616
Ruth Harrison

Sales Associate

Email | 630-797-4614