To effectively administer Scouting, our Council is divided into Districts, primarily by geography, and the same council leadership pattern repeats. Each has a district chair, who leads the district committee, a district commissioner who directs the unit commissioners, supported by a district executive, the staff member serving the assigned territory.

The day-to-day operations of the Council is centered in St. Charles, Illinois. Our Volunteer Support Service Center is located at:

415 North Second St. (Rt. 31)
St. Charles, IL 60174

P: 630-584-9250

Our camp properties Elgin, Illinois and Oxford, Wisconsin are managed by our Camp Rangers. 

Staff supports program, business operations, and fundraising for our organization. 

Executive Staff

Clint Scharff

Scout Executive / CEO

Email | (630) 797-4611
Ron Wentzell

Director of Field Services

Email | 630-797-4615
Katie Clark

Director of Support Services / CFO

Email | 630-797-4610
Renee' Cosme

Office Manager

Email | 630-797-4603
Kim Clements

Events Director

Email | 630-797-46o8

Donnie Helstern

Program Director

Email | 630-797-4618

Patrick Seeden

Program Specialist/Outdoor Adventure

Email | 630-797-4600
Myke Van De Voort

Marketing & Communications Director

Email | 630-797-4606

East Team (Chippewa)

Brian Lechner

East Team Field Director

Email | 630-797-4613
Kathy Hall

Membership Growth & Unit Service Executive
Chippewa District

Email | 630-797-4627
Knyana Hunter

Membership Growth & Unit Service Executive

Chippewa District

Email | 630-797-4628

Program and Popcorn Executive
Chippewa District

Email | 630-797-4613

West Team (Ottawa, Potawatomi)

Zach Knoch

West Team Field Director

Email | 630-797-4626
Michael Niederman

Senior District Executive
Potawatomi District

Email | 630-797-4625

Len Bogacki

Membership Growth & Unit Service Executive

Ottawa District

Email | 630-797-4630
Kelly Quinn

District Director
Ottawa District

Email | 630-797-4623
Kehinde Hart

Membership Growth & Unit Service Executive

Potawatomi District

Email | 630-797-4624

Support Services

Jeremy Case

Camp Big Timber

Email |

Seana Flahaven

Development Assistant

Email | 630-797-4620
Maritsa Godinez

Council Registrar

Email | 630-797-4604
Karen Wanek

Accounting Specialist

Email | 630-797-4619
Loren Winfrey

Development & Program Support

Email | 630-797-4617
Lori Watson

Senior Store Manager
St. Charles Scout Shop

Email | 630-797-4616
Mary Ann Griswold

Sales Associate

Email | 630-797-4614
Ruth Harrison

Sales Associate

Email | 630-797-4614
Christine Conwell

Sales Associate

Email | 630-797-4609