Mission Statement

The Three Fires Council Special Needs Committee aspires to offer the nation's foremost Scouting
Program for individuals with special needs by:

  • Raising awareness to our Scouting Units of the need for inclusiveness of individuals with special needs
  • Setting the stage for success by providing support and resources to Unit Leaders, Parents & Units to deliver a quality Scouting experience
  • Creating an opportunity for Scout Leaders to be continuously educated and trained

Our Mission is to provide individuals with special needs opportunities to participate to the best of their abilities in an all-inclusive Scouting Program offered by the Boy Scouts of America.

Roles and Responsibilities of the TFC Special Needs Committee:

Promotes awareness to Scouts and unit leaders
Assists with Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge
Provides training to adult leaders and youth
Distributes available publications by the BSA
Supports the growth of new units and provide service to existing special needs units and leaders
Works with and assist other Council committees to deliver a quality Scouting program to all youth
Has the full endorsement, support, and resources of Three Fires Council.

TFC Special Needs Committee Members

If you have any questions please contact: Patrick Kronenwetter , Three Fires Council Abilities Awareness Chair

For additional support, you may contact TFC Professional Advisor, Kelly Quinn, at Kelly.Quinn@scouting.org or at 847-638-5355

Unit Abilities Awareness Coordinator

A Unit Abilities Awareness Coordinator is a leader, parent, or adult mentor who helps coordinate with unit leaders, scouts with special needs, and their parents to provide a positive experience for youth with special needs.
Requirements of the Unit-Level Abilities Awareness Coordinator
What is a Unit Abilities Awareness Coordinator?
Abilities Awareness Coordinator Application Form

Roles and Responsibilities at the Unit Level:

Act as a liaison between the parents and leadership.
Act as a liaison between the unit and the Council & District Special Needs Committee.
Encourage Parent Involvement.
Provide support for scouts with special needs & their parents during the webelos to scout transition.
Make unit leaders & parents aware of special needs resources.
Attend Special Needs training opportunities, and bring back the information to the unit.
Facilitate opportunities for learning about special needs & scouting for leaders, parents, & scouts.
Promote Awareness, Inclusion, and Opportunities for Youth with Special Needs.

District Abilities Awareness Coordinator

At the District level, a leader, parent or adult mentor may volunteer to serve in a broader role as a coordinator of district-wide special needs activities. District Abilities Awareness Coordinators serve a liaison role between the Council Special Needs Committee and the units in their local district.

Roles and Responsibilities of the District Abilities Awareness Coordinator

Provides guidance and training opportunities for the Unit Abilities Awareness Coordinator & their unit.
Supplies support materials and resources.
Provides a network of Scouters with experience & common interests to support the coordinator & unit.
Promotes Disabilities Awareness events and outdoor activities inside & outside the District & Council.