Summer  Camp 2021 Reservations

The midwest's premier patrol method summer camp is set for another amazing summer in 2021. Join your friends this summer at Camp Freeland Leslie for axe throwing, patch trading, the root beer cantina, log rolling, a new older Scout program and much more. Camp Freeland Leslie is also a bike friendly and compact camp that is easy to get around. With many merit badge opportunities throughout the week, you can tackle as many advancements as you wish or relax and have fun.
At Camp Freeland Leslie the choice is yours!

Summer Camp registration for the 2021 season is now open!

2021 Camp Registration

Join the 2021 Staff

Time, and time again, campers tell us that it is the staff that separates our camp above the rest. The positive experience for both youth and adult scouts can only be created by you. When young scouts arrive at camp, they bring with them the sparks of personal growth, but like any good campfire, these sparks need to be fanned from all directions. That is where you come in. Together, we can challenge campers to overcome fear and empower them to be agents of positive change in their communities. With your leadership, they will experience success in everything from cooking their own meals to learning knots and lashings to create their first camp gadget. It is through your praise and encouragement that campers once afraid of heights eagerly scale the climbing wall.

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Camp Updates

Camp Freeland Leslie is set for another amazing summer in 2021. Join us for one of five weeks this upcoming summer!



Just for Leaders

Welcome, Leaders! This page and included supplemental resources are designed to help you prepare for the summer, and make the camping experience the most rewarding for both you and your Scouts. We have very high expectations of our camp, our staff, and our program, and we can assure you that we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations of us.

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