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 Join the CFL Summer Camp Staff

Camp Freeland Leslie is hiring highly motivated and enthusiastic 18+ and 21+ year olds to join our Staff! Looking to join an awesome team of outdoor enthusiasts who run one of THE BEST resident summer camps in all of Scouting? Submit your Application today. Interviews starting soon. We're especially looking for individuals with Lifeguard, shooting sports, ATV, and high adventure skills. Accepting applications now. 

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TFC-LDS Centennial Commemorative Patch Set

Three Fires Council LDS-BSA Centennial Commemorative Patch Set

In 1913 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was issued a national charter for their M.I.A. Scouts to join the Boy Scouts of America. To celebrate a century of continual partnership the Three Fires Council is issuing a patch set to commemorate the LDS Church becoming one of the BSA’s first national chartering organizations.

The three patch set includes a commemorative council shoulder patch with a “puffed” embroidered buffalo skull. The two collectible patches, a CSP and an Order of the Arrow lodge flap, feature the skull cast in metal.

Commemorative TFC shoulder patch - $ 5
Collectible TFC shoulder patch - $15
Collectible Order of the Arrow lodge flap - $15
Set of all three - $25 ($10 savings)

These patches are now AVAILABLE. When ordering please indicate if you would like to pick up your patches at the Norris Scout Center or Deicke Scout Shop. Shipping is also available for $5 per address for any number of patches.

Any proceeds raised will be used for “camperships” for LDS youth to attend advanced BSA leadership courses: National Youth Leadership Training, National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience and the Order of the Arrow’s National Leadership Seminar.

The patches may not be available after the first run, so unless you pre-order you might miss out. This is Chicago, so order early and order often. For additional information or questions send a message to   ORDER ONLINE HERE



Cub Scout Approved Camping Sites and Guidelines

Cub Scout Pack Camping - (BALOO Approved Sites)Cub Scouts

These are the campgrounds & campsite facilities are presently approved for Cub Camping. See your District Training Chairman to learn more about BALOO training to obtain the needed skills and certification to take part in Cub Scout Pack Camping.

If you have a campsite that you don't find on the approved list, please let your District Camping Chair know, so that it can be evaluated and approved for Cub Scout Pack Camping. Your Camping Chair can begin the process for adding that campsite to the Cub Camping Approved list.

TFC Cub Scout Winter Camping Policy - Cub Scout Winter Camping Policy
According to the Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities Chart in the Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts may not tent camp in the winter. National BSA has left it up to the each council to provide more specific guidance. The TFC Camping Committee has established the following Cub Scout Winter Camping Policy: Cub Scouts, including Webelos Scouts, may not tent camp from December 1st through March 1st of any calendar year. Furthermore, they may not tent camp outside of these dates when the ambient outside air temperature or wind-chill is forecast to be 35 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Cub Scout winter camping in heated quarters is authorized if Guide to Safe Scouting leadership requirements are met.


Tiger Cub Resident Camp Guidelines Announced!

The Outdoor Programs Committee at the February board meeting approved the following change to NCAP and Guide to Safe Scouting. This change takes effect immediately. As we reprint publications, the language will be changed. The change now allows Tiger Cubs to attend resident camp with their adult partner or guardian.
Family camp is a council-organized overnight or longer event for Tiger Cubs, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts and their families that involves more than one pack where the council provides the staffing and program. These events are often referred to as parent/pal, mom and me, or adventure weekends.

Tiger Resident Camp Guidelines

High Adventure

CONTACT: Jeff Short -

or Brian Kilmer -

Philmont National High Adventure Base

Philmont Scout Ranch, the Boy Scouts of America's premier High Adventure™ base, challenges Scouts and Venturers with more than 214 square miles of rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. Backpacking treks, horseback cavalcades, and training and service programs offer young people many ways to experience this legendary country. Find out more below or at he Philmont Website.


Philmont Arrowhead

TFC Philmont Council Contingent - 2016

Arrive 06/12/2016 – Depart 6/24/2016 (from Philmont)

Three Fires Council has 3 crews reserved for the 2016 Philmont Council Contingent. To reserve your spot, please fill out the 2016 Application and submit it with the $200 Application Fee to the Norris Service Center. The dates for this trek are June 12th – June 24th.
2016 TFC Philmont Application / 2016 TFC Philmont Contingent Flier


Waite Phillips Scholarships

The Waite Phillips Scholarship Program was established by the donor to provide financial assistance to those Scouts and Venturers who, without such support, would not have the Philmont experience. This scholarship is administered by Philmont (there are no additional council funds). Individual Units are eligible to submit a scholarship request for one youth member per crew. The total amount of this scholarship will be $350.00. Application forms will be sent to the Unit Reservation Advisors and are due back to Philmont by January 29th, 2016 for the upcoming summer. This scholarship is to help make it possible for a youth member to participate who might not otherwise be able to experience Philmont.

If you have questions about indivedual unit Philmont scholarships, please contact Philmont at .

Waite Phillips Scholarships for the 2016 Council Contingent participants is below:

Instructions (council contingent only)

Applications (council contingent only)


Sea Base National High Adventure Base

Florida Sea Base

Does YOUR UNIT want to go to Sea Base in 2016? The registration period for the lottery is Jan 15 to Feb 15. (and is now closed) Access to the Sea Base lottery is obtained through the Sea Base website, A Scout unit leader must create an account to access the reservation site. If the unit already has an account, another one can't be created. A unit can request any number of dates and adventures that interest its Scouts. For more information on how your unit can get a crew for a 2016 Sea Base experience, viste the Sea Base Wepsite.


 Sea BaseTFC Sea Base Council Contingent - 2016

Arrive 06/19/2016–Depart 6/25/2016(from Sea Base)

Three Fires Council has 1 crew reserved for the 2016 Sea Base Council Contingent. To reserve your spot, please fill out the 2016 Application and submit it with the $200 Application Fee to the Norris Service Center. The dates for this trip are June 19th – June 25th.
2016 TFC Sea Base Application
 / 2016 TFC Sea Base Flier

Northern Tier High Adventure Base

Northern Tier

With over 9,750 miles already paddled and portaged this summer in the North Woods of Minnesota and Canada, we are already looking forward to the summer. 
Crew reservations will be available through Northern Tier's online reservation system on a first come, first served basis.  You can find complete details on the Northern Tier Website.


Summit Bechtel Reserve

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Situated in the wilds of West Virginia, The Summit is a training, Scouting, and adventure center for the millions of youth and adults involved in the Boy Scouts of America and anyone who loves the outdoors. Home to the National Scout Jamboree and the Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base.

Get ready for the next century of Scouting. With incredible facilities and amazing outdoor programs, The Summit is a place that takes Scouts and Venturers to the limits of what they think they can do, and then pushes them further.

The Summit is more than just a place for Scouts; it’s where future leaders are shaped. You can find complete details on the Summit Website.

Shooting Sports

Welcome to the Shooting Sports Information Page. Here you will find updates & information regarding Scouting shooting sports. Three Fires Council is proud to announce the formation of our new Shooting Sports Committee. Watch this page for information regarding Scout related events, safety, training, & opportunities.

Archery & BBs BB & Archery Information

“ Archery and BB gun shooting are restricted to day camps, Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camps, or to council activities where there are properly trained supervisors and all standards for BSA shooting are enforced.  Archery and BB gun shooting are not to be done at the pack level. Cub Scouts are not permitted to use any other type of handgun or firearm.”



NRA RIFLE Instructor Certification Course

January 24th/31st 2015
7:00am to 5:00pm

Flier with Registration Information

Wheaton Rifle Club - 27W070 W. North Ave West Chicago IL.
Course fee $190
$25 Discount to Boy Scout Leaders and veterans / TFC Leaders receive a $50 Discount. (only one discount can be used. Proof of eligibility required.)  (This is the certification for Rifle shooting with Scouts)
Registration due by January 22nd, 2015

Feel Free to call or email Jim Appleby 630-664-4042/  

NRANRA Range Safety Officer Course





AquaticsWhat's NEW in BSA Aquatics?

The BSA Aquatics brochure will give you a great overview of what BSA Aquatics is all about & what it can offer your Scouts!

Link to NRS YouTube video “How to Choose a Lifejacket”


Aquatics Awards

Boardsailing BSA Kayaking BSA BSA Lifeguard Mile Swim BSA
Scuba BSA Snorkeling BSA BSA Stand Up


 Swim ChecksCFL Swim Check dates: Available Spring 2015

 It’s CFL Swim Check Time -




PCS Requirements:

1.    Age and physical fitness:
A.    Be age 16 years or older prior to training
B.    Submit written evidence of physical fitness
2.    Swimming Ability:
Complete the BSA swimmer test:  Jump feet first into water over the head in depth. Level off and swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy resting backstroke.  The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and must include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating. 
3.    Personal Safety Skills:
A.    Select a PFD of appropriate size and demonstrate proper fit.
B.    Demonstrate the feet-up floating position used if caught in a current.
C.    Demonstrate H.E.L.P and Huddle positions.
D.    Capsize and swim a boat to shore.
4.    Basic boating skills: Demonstrate the following maneuvers on calm water using standard stroke techniques:*
A.    Transport boat from rack or trailer to water’s edge.
B.    Safely board and launch the craft.
C.    Travel in a straight line for 50 yards.
D.    Stop the craft.
E.    From the stop, move the boat sideways first to the right, then to the left.
F.    From the stop, pivot the boat to the right, then to the left.
G.    Return to shore along a curved course demonstrating both left and right turns while underway.
H.    Land, safely exit and store the craft.
5.    Group safety skills:
A.    Throw a rescue bag, laying the line within 3 feet of an object 30 feet away.
B.    Demonstrate a boat rescue of a swimmer.
C.    Demonstrate an on-water boat-over-boat assist.
6.    Correctly answer 80% of the questions on the Paddle Craft Safety written exam covering Safety Afloat, trip preparation, emergency action plans, and basic boating knowledge.  Review any incomplete or incorrect answers.

* Skills may be demonstrated either tandem in a canoe, or solo in a kayak. If a tandem canoe is used, each participant must demonstrate the maneuvers from both bow and stern positions.
Questions? Call Ron Sebonia at: 630-605-0144 or Email

CanoeingCanoeing Resources

 Here are some web sites of interest for paddlers:
For boat design and performance, Wenonah canoe has a great site.
For articles on paddling technique, articles section.
American Canoe Assoc, Guides for Rivers
Prairie State Canoeists, Reports on local rivers
More info on rivers in the area
The Wisconsin DNR site allows searching for info on many of their rivers. Just type canoeing in the space.

Swimming Resources article - Rescuing Drowning Children - How to know when someone is in trouble
Video outlining the “Instinctive Drowning Response”


  Swimmer Definition - BSA

Scouting has an enviable aquatics safety record among youth organizations. While the Buddy System, Qualified Supervision, and Discipline are some of the factors that contribute to Scouting’s safety success, another significant factor is our Swimming Classification system.  In Scouting all participants are one of three simply defined classes of swimmers; Non-Swimmers, Beginners, and Swimmers. 

Non-Swimmers are those participants with little or no swimming background. It is important to recognize that even if a Scout or Leader is classified as a Non-Swimmer they may still participate in Aquatics Program including both the Free Swim, and Instructional Swim opportunities offered at camp.  At CFL the non swimmers area is approximately 4 ½ feet deep at the deepest—making it as deep as many backyard pools.  If you attempt neither the Beginner nor Swimmer test you will be given the classification of Non-Swimmer.

Beginners are participants who are able to pass the following test: Jump feet first into water over the head in depth, level off, swim 25 feet on the surface, stop, turn sharply, resume swimming as before, and return to starting place.  Beginners may swim in either the Non-Swimmers area of the waterfront or the Beginner’s area. The Beginner’s area starts at approximately 4 ½ feet deep and runs to around 6 feet deep. The Beginner’s test is meant to show that a participant is ready to begin working on deep water swimming skills.

Swimmers are those participants who are able to pass the following test:  Jump feet first into water over the head in depth, level off, and begin swimming. Swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be swum continuously and include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating. Boy Scout age Swimmers have access to all areas of the waterfront, all watercraft,  and to advanced program opportunities like kayaking, snorkeling  and sailing .  Webelos Swimmers have access to canoes,  rowboats, and all areas of the waterfront.

Key points to keep in mind are:

•    Three Fires Council offers several chances to take the Swimmer’s test (Boy Scouts) and Swimmer’s or Beginner’s test (Webelos) prior to arriving at CFL. The Council website will add the dates to the calendar as we book them.
•    The pre-camp tests are optional and offered as a convenience to make check-in at camp less stressful and less harried.  You may take the test as part of check-in at CFL.
•    Cub Scout parents should keep in mind that the Swimmer’s test is definition of a “swimmer” or “beginner” in the Boy Scouts of America’s eyes and therefore cannot be modified.
•    The test for the “Swimmer” classification is arduous, covering the distance of a football field. Special note should be made that the Dog-Paddle is specifically prohibited for use during the test and that the test must be competed in a “strong manner”--meaning that it should be apparent to the observer that a Scout could swim further than the test distance should the needs of the situation dictate.
•    Scouts or Webelos not able to attend the pre-camp swim tests will have ample opportunity at CFL to test, and access to instructional swim should they need assistance gaining confidence and ability to pass the test.
•    Because of time limitations we may not be able to offer test re-takes during a given pre-camp swim check, it is however our policy to strive to offer the chance to re-test on the same day if circumstances allow.
•    Finally, if you have concerns or issues you’d like to raise about swim checks you may contact me at 630-605-0144 or

Online Swimming ResourceLocal pool contacts and instructional resources

Yours in Scouting, Ron Sebonia
Three Fires Council—Aquatics Committee