Cost of Cub Scouting

When compared to the cost of youth sports and many other activities, Scouting delivers a great value! Below is a breakdown of the Cost of Cub Scouting and the value each cost brings. Keep in mind that all costs can be offset by available fundraising opportunities and various scholarship programs.

National BSA Membership Fee

The national annual youth membership fee is $60 and covers 12 months of registration on a November 1st through October 31st cycle. It is prorated depended on the month joined. The value of this fee pays for:

  • General liability insurance for all members
  • Background checks on all registered volunteers
  • Youth Protection Training and Resources for volunteers
  • Online volunteer Program and Position Training
  • 24 hour help and support for youth and Scouting needs

Youth Fee Chart Adult Leader Fee Chart

Local Activity Fee

Three Fires Council charges a local youth activity fee of $60. Which covers 12 months of registration on a November 1st through October 31st cycle. This fee is prorated depending on the month joined. The value of this fee pays for:

  • Local programs and activities for scouts and families
  • Youth rank badges, Eagle Scout kits, and volunteer recognition awards
  • Accident and sickness insurance for all members
  • Unlimited tent camping at council camps
  • In-person required training for adult volunteers
  • Professional support for local Cub Scout Packs


Local Council Fee
Free District Activities

Uniform and Handbook

Each grade level has specific uniform elements and a handbook. Uniform shirts are typically purchased every few years and other uniform pieces are grade specific. Handbooks are used for a full year and have all the required and elective adventures for each rank. Handbooks also serve as a Scout’s record of completing adventures.

Many packs include the cost of handbooks and uniform pieces in their Pack dues. Please check with your pack before making purchases. Use the below document to see the Cub Scout uniform pieces and prices.


Scout Shop

Pack Dues

Many local Cub Scout packs charge dues. This supports the operation of the pack and covers the costs of youth and adult recognition, den and pack program supplies and crafts, and special pack events and outing. Pack dues are established by the families in the pack through the pack committee and vary from pack to pack. Often times pack dues cover parts of the Scout Uniform and Handbook.

Summer Camps

Various Summer Camp opportunities are available to Cub Scouts of all ages. Camps come in all shapes and sizes, from weekend Family Camps to weeklong Day Camps. The additional cost of summer camp depends on the ones you choose. However, the value of a Summer Camp experience has no price.


Cub Scout Summer Camps